Day off blues…

You know how people tend to get post holiday blues – it’s that come down time after you’ve had a holiday and the reality of getting back to normal suddenly sets in. Yeah, well I had a similar feeling after having just one day off last week!

I took Friday off work to just have a day of me time. To have a “everyone else is at work and I’m not, haha” kind of a day. And it was brilliant, exactly what I needed. One of my best friends came to visit and we had a really lovely chilled out day, did a bit of shopping, had lunch out, and most importantly, did some planning for our New York trip. And once the day was over I had that amazing feeling of “there’s still two days of the weekend as well yet, hurrah!”.

When Monday came around, I had that horrible feeling of having to get back to a regular routine after having a really lovely three days of relaxation. And Monday ended up being rubbish. Hey ho!

I don’t think there’s ever going to be a way of banishing the post holiday/post day off blues. If anyone was to ever find a way blues they would become a very rich individual indeed!

One way I found to cheer myself up was to spend a bit of time having a look back on what I wore last week and realising I made some fab outfit choices that made me feel great. Definitely a bonus! You may not think they were great when you have a look, but I do and mine is the most important opinion, naturally.

So here we go:

3 March 2017 wk1

Nothing spectacular at all, just like every other week. But there were a couple of outfits this week that I wouldn’t have thought to put together  myself without a bit of prompting. Like I’ve said many times, I find a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Having a look at what other people have put together gives me some great ideas on making my own outfits. Particularly with putting colours together, Pinterest has definitely broadened my horizons.

I’ve said this before, but I was always reluctant to wear navy and black together because I just thought they didn’t go. Same as I would never have thought to put cream and white together because I’d always thought they were too similar colours. But actually both of those combinations do in fact go well – and if it hadn’t been for me looking at other peoples ideas, I may have continued to have the same opinions about a variety of different colour combinations. Ultimately though it’s still all about feeling comfortable for yourself in whatever you wear and having the confidence to wear something you feel happy in, even if others don’t necessarily like it.

So my favourite outfit of last week is I think the khaki shirt, jeans and grey cardigan (top middle picture). Loved the heels as well, although they’re a bit big it turns out, so walking around was quite interesting. Am going to need to invest in some insoles I think! But the overall look of the outfit I was really happy with.

And I bought some new loafers from M&S which are in the bottom middle picture. Love them and think they go great with just a simple jumper and jeans outfit like in the picture.

This week I’m hoping to have a bit of a blog revamp, just to make it look a little bit different. That’s the plan anyway, we’ll see whether it happens or not!

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