Time flies….

As I logged on to write a new post today, I noticed that my last post was 9 days ago. 9 DAYS?!?! Where the hell have those 9 days even gone? And what have I done in the past 9 days that’s made me think not that much time has passed since I last log on to blog??

Well the answer is, I’ve done nothing. Except work. Every work day last week I went to work, had a bit of a rubbish day, came home, got straight into pjs, had dinner, and went to bed. What an utterly thrilling life. I’d usually say that doing nothing in the evenings makes the days seem longer and time go slower, but the complete opposite has happened. The days have gone by so quickly that last week seems a complete blur.

During this 9 day period, which incidentally felt more like 3 days than 9, what did I achieve? Precisely nothing. Brilliant.

Everyone has times like that so I know I’m not alone. And it won’t be the last time it happens either so no harm done and onwards we go.

I was looking at my daily outfits pics from the previous week (honestly, I swear I wore this stuff like only a couple of days ago!) and am overall quite happy. There weren’t any days that I went out feeling like I could have done better and I felt quite good each day. There was everything from a smart business wear day to a proper casual wear-a-hoody-and-trainers kind of a day. Nothing spectacular mind, so at least I’m sticking to my tag line of being simple!

So here we go:


I don’t think I have a particular favourite, as each one is very simple. So a pretty average week really.

As we’re at the end of February, may as well round it off with last week pictures as well. The week of blurriness as it shall be known!


I really like the green dress and black blazer day. Although I completely misjudged the temperature that day as I was boiling! Looks nice though.

I also like the mustard cardi day. I really really like mustard and navy together, I think they’re a lovely colour combination.

The bottom right picture, all black with grey cardi – this was one of those days where the outfit I picked, I thought was going to look much better than it actually did. I think it was the shoes that messed it up and didn’t make the outfit feel as good as I’d hoped. Black boots would have gone better.

This coming week heralds the start of March. And at the risk of repeating myself, where have January and February gone?? Time really does fly and not necessarily just when you’re having fun.

Until next time – much love!

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