Just another February week..

During this week it was Valentines Day. See previous post to find out my thoughts about Valentines! But despite my dislike of the day itself, I had a couple of nice surprises.

Each year where I work we have a “love box” where people can post messages, anonymous or otherwise, to other people in the office. It’s really quite a lovely thing to do. Some people post funny joke messages that they just send for a laugh. Some people send really lovely, thought out, messages. And some people (like me) send none at all! Bah humbug.

I was both surprised and chuffed to receive three messages – two anonymous and one signed. I genuinely was not expecting to receive any, not even just a nice friendly one. The signed one I obviously know who’s from and it was a lovely genuine message that really made me happy! The two anonymous messages I haven’t yet been able to work out if they were joke ones or genuine. One was really quite sweet and the other cheesy but funny. And whether they were sent as a joke or not, the fact that someone thought about me for a second and took the time to write the messages on a bit of paper and post them in the box is just so lovely. So as much as I usually try to ignore Valentines Day, this year it was a day that made me smile. Awwww!

Last week was another average week for outfit choices. It’s warmed up a little – not quite spring like by any means, but definitely no where near freezing either.

So here we go, last weeks outfits:


Only got 5 days again this week as I was poorly over the weekend (boooooo!) so didn’t venture out of the house in an effort to have some rest, relaxation and recuperation! So again only work days are shown.

My favourite from this week is the outfit on the left – grey blazer, navy jumper, black jeans, brown boots. I’m not sure why but  I’ve always steered away from wearing navy and black together. Maybe it’s because I thought they were too similar….I actually don’t know what the reason is! But navy and black are quite a nice, fairly sophisticated combination, which I’m sure I’ll now use more often.

One thing I did realise though – I should have worn black tights with the navy dress, not grey tights!

Last week was also a week that I spent a ridiculous amount of money on lots of new clothes and shoes that I really don’t need – which breaks my new years resolution but oh well. But they are beautiful new things, all of which I know I’ll definitely wear. They are all spring/summer clothes so will have to wait a few more weeks to wear them. And it’s good to have a splurge every now and then isn’t it.

I’ve only got a couple of things left on my ‘to buy’ list now and then my wardrobe will be, for want of a better word, ‘complete’. There’ll always be the odd thing here or there that I’ll want to buy, but I’m going to attempt to resist buying anything that doesn’t feature on my list. It’s like restarting my new years resolution.

Maybe it can be my ‘spring revolution’..?! #thatsnotathing


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