And I’m feelin’ good…..

So, the first week in February has been and gone and it was actually a fairly mild week really. In comparison to some of the other weeks we’ve had recently anyway. And with the arrival of the slightly warmer weather, I was quite looking forward to a little more experimenting with my outfit choices. An opportunity perhaps to not have to focus so much on keeping really warm, but being able to put outfits together without the sole focus being “am I going to freeze to death if I wear that?”.

I even wrote a list of a few outfit ideas that I’d had the previous week that I could wear. I do love a good list you know!

The first couple of days, I thought I was doing quite well. And then things got the better of me at work and by Thursday and Friday I’d completely given up thinking about what to wear – I quite literally just chucked on anything, something quick and easy that required no thought, just to get me out of the house on time. I wrote a few weeks ago about trying to avoid doing that and that I was going to try my hardest to not do that. But after this week, I’ve come to the conclusion that every now and then you’re going to have days like that and to be honest, it’s nothing to worry about. A couple of lazy days of dressing is not going to define me!

Here we go then:


There are only 5 pictures as I didn’t go out at the weekend, other than to go to an Ice Hockey match and I didn’t bother to take a picture because I was so wrapped up against the cold you’d never have been able to see what I was wearing anyway!

My favourite is definitely the camel jacket and black jumper and jeans with camel boots. Haven’t worn the jacket since the start of autumn, and it’s one of my favourites. Turns out it’s actually quite warm as well, so on this occasion I managed to be both warm and feel quite good, woo!

One thing I was thinking about the other day as I was browsing through Pinterest looking for some ideas, was how is it that certain people can look good wearing stuff and others can’t? For example there was a post in which someone was wearing a plain white t-shirt, jeans and a baggy grey cardigan with a pair of converse. Now I’ve got all of those individual items, so I put them together in an outfit (see above photo!), but the result was not quite as I’d hoped. I feel like I didn’t look quite as ‘cool’ as the person in the Pinterest post.

I say I didn’t feel like I looked quite as good, but I actually felt pretty good until I looked in the mirror! And perhaps I had heightened expectations based on the post I’d seen, and was expecting myself to look the same, but I was disappointed. But when I looked away from the mirror, I did actually still feel happy with the outfit.

So I guess where I’m going with this is that although I thought someone else looked good in a particular outfit and I thought I didn’t look  quite so good in a similar one I had put together, I ended up still feeling alright with it, because I felt good. And surely that’s what we should all be thinking about isn’t it? Dressing to feel good in yourself.

Much love!

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