January blues. And other colours to wear in winter.

As January comes to a close (already, seriously where has the time gone?!) you could say it’s a perfect opportunity to have a look back over the whole months worth of outfit pictures and decide whether I’ve been happy with how I’ve dressed or not.

I’ll do that in a mo. There’s still the last week in January to look at first.

So here’s last week:


Again not the most spectacular week, but of all the weeks in January this week as a whole has I think, been the best one. And when I say ‘best’ I just mean it’s the week that I felt the happiest and most comfortable, even if what I actually wore wasn’t overly exciting.

New pair of boots this week, in the picture on the left! I actually bought them for a trip I’m going on later this year but they need ‘breaking in’ so I had the perfect opportunity to wear them. And I’m chuffed with them.

I think my favourite is probably the grey dress (yes, it made an appearance for the third time this month!) and the black cape. I wore this for a day trip to London and we went to Harrods for Cream Tea (how very posh!). I wanted to be comfortable, warm and yet still try and look a little bit smart. I like the outfit and it felt good and I was definitely comfortable and warm so I guess objective pretty much achieved.

And another week of wearing a different pair of shoes every day. I’m getting good at that!

So, looking back at the whole month what have I learnt about how I’m dressing? And what tips can I give to others who are looking for ideas on putting outfits together for the winter?

Well, firstly I’ve learnt that dressing in winter isn’t all that thrilling and I personally find it harder to dress in the cold weather than in the spring/summer weather.

I have tended to stick to typically autumnal/winter colours. Blacks, greys, blues, khakis, camel/nudes and the odd mustard coloured top here and there. But that’s ok with me. I’m all for wearing bright colours especially in the spring and summer, but I just feel a little bit better wearing darker colours in the winter for some reason. So the key here is wear colours you’re comfortable wearing.

Layering. That’s a key thing for winter. Long sleeves tops, cosy jumpers and chunky cardigans are all pieces that are perfect for the winter if you’re going for a casual look. I find neutral type colours are the best for the cardigans and keep the bright colours and patterns for the t-shirts/shirts/tops you wear underneath. That works for me anyway, you wear whatever you like and whatever you feel comfortable in!

If you want something smarter, layering is still the way to go. Smart jumpers with long sleeved tops or t-shirts underneath are perfect. And roll neck long sleeved tops are my favourite winter smarter wear. In fact roll neck tops are awesome, dress them up or wear them down – they don’t get enough credit for how versatile they are ! ;=)

And one other thing I’ve learnt which I mentioned in my previous blog – don’t be afraid to wear something that you assumed was only for one particular season. White jeans are my lesson learnt here! They go so well with some of the other darker colours I’ve been tending to stick to and I’d just never thought to wear them in the winter before.

Lastly, look around for inspiration if you want to mix things up a bit or you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut like I have many times. Other people will think of things that you never would have so it’s worth it. I’ve found Pinterest really useful in that respect. Plus, have a good rummage around in your wardrobe every few weeks as there will be items that you’d completely forgotten about. And if you’ve got a spare half an hour and you feel a bit bored, just have a play around with items in your wardrobe and see what new outfits you can put together.

So February is here now and winter is still in full swing. It’s raining a lot at the moment (naturally, I live in the UK so of course it’s raining!) and not particularly cold, but there is undoubtedly more cold weather to come before spring arrives. So I’ve still got plenty of wear in all my winter clothes yet. And more opportunities to mix and match stuff together and try to be creative – or at least as creative as you can be when you dress simply 😉

Happy February everyone! And remember to always dress for yourself an not for others.

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