Happy travels

I love to travel. There is so much amazing stuff in this world to see and experience, so how could I not love it!

And for me, 2017 is going to be an amazing year where I get to visit two of the places on my travel bucket list as well as going back to some of my favourite places. I honestly can’t wait to experience it all and make some more amazing memories in life.

I’ve got a handful of places that are truly my favourite places in this world, and I really love going back to them to visit. And they are the places that I’ll continually visit for the rest of my life as long as I’m blessed enough to do so. But I also want to experience new places, which is why, like many other people, I’ve created my travel bucket list! I created this years ago so that I’ve got something to work towards. And I’ll work hard so that I can cross places off it as often as I can.

One of the places on my travel bucket list is New York. I doubt there are many people who don’t want to visit New York actually, most people I’ve ever spoken to have mentioned NY as a place they’d love to go. I’d love to visit it during the summer and at Christmas so both are on my list! And I am absolutely chuffed to say that I’ll be crossing the summer visit off my list this year, as I’ve just recently booked a trip there with one of my best friends! I cannot explain how excited I am about it! It’s one of my dream places, so being able to go is amazing. I absolutely intend to make the most of it and experience as much of it as I can.

So where else am I going this year apart from New York? Well the other dream place that I’ve booked I need to keep secret for a few months yet as it’s a surprise for someone! More to follow in a few months!

I’ll be visiting Prague at least twice this year – my Dad lives there so I get to visit a couple of times a year and I just love it. It’s such a beautiful city and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone for a long weekend with friends or family.

One of my absolute favourite places in the UK is Cornwall. Anyone that’s visited it will probably understand why. It’s so beautiful and to have such beauty so close is an absolute blessing. I wish I could visit more often. The last time I went was in 2015, so I’ll be visiting again this year!

And finally a trip to Cyprus is on the cards as well! Another truly beautiful place which is a favourite of my Dads and which I’ve visited many times before.

So as I experience each trip throughout this year, I will of course blog about it! I doubt I’ll be able to provide you with any useful information about any of these places and I’ll probably just ramble on about unimportant things like I normally do in all my blog posts. But it’s better to experience something and write about it than to never have experienced it at all.

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