Simplicity is the spice of….dressing?!

After my week of what was, quite frankly, pretty rubbish dressing, last week I was more conscious with putting my outfits together. I felt like I needed to recover my own self esteem by making more of an effort with dressing each day – I’m still a very firm believer in dressing to make yourself feel good. If you feel good in yourself, you look good to others, simple as that.

I’m quite aware that I’m a very simple dresser. I’ve said that before and it’s definitely still true! And I don’t think that will ever change. But simple is ok. It might be boring to some but to me it’s fine, it’s sort of who I am. I’m never going to wear anything completely out there, I’ll just wear something ‘nice’.

And so, winter continues on, it’s a bit cold, sometimes it a beautiful sunny day, sometimes it’s rainy and I’m still struggling on trying to mix and match my winter clothes together in some kind of way that makes me think to myself each morning “yeah, I look good today”. To be honest since about November there have only been a handful of days where I’ve thought to myself “I’m really happy with what I’m wearing today”. But last week, after taking more time to think about my clothes, I was happy with what I wear every day. Result!

So here we go…


I can’t pick a favourite from all of this. I like the white jeans day. I’d never thought of wearing white jeans in the winter before. Whenever I’ve thought about white jeans, I’ve always automatically thought of summer so it’s just never occurred to me to wear them in the winter. But I’m glad I did and now I’ll wear them more often during the winter. So lesson learnt there,  don’t discount wearing something just because of the season – especially something general like a pair of jeans!

The grey dress you’ll have seen me wear many times, and I just love it. I love it so much that I’ve got it in black as well. And I wear both of them a lot! They’re simple but they look good and more importantly they’re warm and really comfortable. Great purchases, again from Gap (Gap is such a fab shop, one of my absolute favourites!).

And the dungaree dress has made a reappearance again, yay! I realised a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t worn it in ages so it needed to come out again, but I didn’t want to wear it with just another roll neck top. And then the khaki shirt/top thing sprang into my head and I love the result of this outfit!

So, simplicity is the key for me. As is variety I think. And when I say variety, I just mean not wearing the same combination of outfit over and over again. Unless you’ve got a couple of really comfortable dresses that is, then wear them as often as possible 😉

Oh and first time I’ve noticed but – different pair of shoes every day again – woop woop!

Much love!

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