Not the best dressed week I’ve had

Last week was one of those weeks that just got progressively worse as each day passed. And to be honest, I think that was also reflected in my dress sense (or lack of it!). By the time Thursday came along, I really couldn’t be bothered with putting very much thought into anything –  I just wanted to wear something simple, warm and cosy and just get through my day.

When the weekend arrived, I was a bit disappointed in myself that I’d sort of given up caring about what I wore for a couple of days. I’m really trying hard to not have too many non-caring days like that, but I guess sometimes you need the odd one here or there. As long as they don’t happen regularly it’s not too much of a problem I suppose!

Below are pictures of Monday to Sunday, although they aren’t in any particular order. There’s one day missing because on Saturday I didn’t even leave the house so I literally bummed around in slouchy rubbish stuff all day and no one wants to see that!!


My particular faves are the black and camel coloured day (bottom middle) and the black cape day (top left). The camel coloured cardigan is one of my favourite new pieces, which I mentioned in the last post was an absolute bargain from the Gap sale. It’s one of those pieces that goes with practically anything – this week I did manage to wear it with white jeans (pic to follow next week of course!). And I was super chuffed when a couple of people said to me how nice I looked that day, awwwwww 🙂

The denim shirt outfit (top middle) looks pretty rubbish in the photo, but it actually was another favourite. I’m personally not keen on double denim, but in a slightly contradictory sense, I don’t mind it so much when it’s light denim against dark denim. So the light denim shirt with black jeans worked quite well I thought. And the stone chunky cardigan gave it that winter cosy feeling, as did the boots.

And finally capes – some love them, some hate them. I love the two I’ve got. They are so good for when you’re going out, it’s cold outside but you’re going to be spending the day inside. It’ll keep you warm but not too warm all at the same time – what’s not to love?! I’d highly recommend getting one if you don’t already have one – but get one that will suit lots of different colours. That might sound a bit boring, but in my opinion, it’s better to have one piece you can wear with lots of different stuff, rather than have one piece that you can only wear with limited stuff.

So far this week I’m well chuffed with everything I’ve chosen to wear. And today is Wednesday so hopefully I can actually keep the momentum going and wear decent outfits for the rest of the week, unlike last week!

I do love winter, but winter dressing I’m finding hard. It’s hard to be creative. I’m using Pinterest a lot to get inspiration on what to put together during these cold wintry months. I am SOOOO looking forward to when the weather warms up a bit!

Onwards and upwards though. Much love and happy winter dressing!

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