Winter warmers

After spending all that time during the summer and for a couple of weeks in the winter focussing on my style and taking pictures of what I was wearing, I got quite lazy with it all towards the end of the year. I like to think I still put some thought into what I was wearing, but every morning I was running late for work and so didn’t get a chance to take very many pictures. Bad Siany.

But, since the new year I’ve been really good at doing my usual daily picture taking. Round of applause for me! And I have every intention of carrying it on now.

Every now and then I do like to look back on what I’ve worn over the past few months. Sometimes when I can’t find any inspiration on what to wear, looking back on what I’ve already worn gives me ideas on what other outfits I can put together.

So below are the pictures that I took for the last few days in December and the first week in January.

I’ve got a couple of favourites amongst all this. In Picture 1, the middle bottom photo – that cream top is a particular favourite, an absolute gem of a piece from Marks & Spencer. It’s actually long sleeved and the cuffs are flared. But it was too cold to wear just that top that day as it’s quite thin and the weather was starting to turn cold again. I’m such a wimp!


Another favourite is the khaki green roll neck dress. So comfortable and looks really nice on. Love it with tights and boots. It’s also something I’ll be able to wear as we go into spring before it gets a bit warmer.


I LOVE the camel coloured cardigan. Absolute bargain in the Gap sale! Really like it with the navy dress but it also goes really nice with black and I’m thinking about trying it with white jeans and some kind of top but I haven’t decided yet. You’ll also notice I wore the same scarf for over half of this week. But I love it, it’s so warm! And warm clothes are a must at the moment, as are layers.


Now, looking back on the winter months so far, it’s becoming fairly obvious that the actual individual pieces that I wear are actually all quite plain – there’s not a lot of patterns going on. But I’m ok with that – for winter anyway. I’m really happy with all my clothes and I’m starting to be happy with dressing in the winter.

I am getting a little bit lazy at the moment though and starting to just wear something each day with a fluffy cardigan over it. And there’s nothing wrong with that but I think I could be a bit more adventurous and still manage to keep warm. Something for me to think about over the next few weeks. I don’t suppose the weather is going to change very much soon, so there are still several weeks of winter left yet! No point even thinking about the spring/summer months!

Hopefully though I’ve given you some ideas on different outfits. Definitely can’t admit to being able to provide any knowledge on how to go about putting something together. I’ll try and have a think about that for a future blog.

Until then, happy dressing!

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