To exercise, or not to exercise

Me and exercise are not friends. Not because I hate it or anything but because it’s one of the only things in life that I really have no motivation for. And the older I’m getting the less motivation I find I have!

I have a lot of admiration and respect for anyone that chooses to go to the gym, or go running, or anything like that. And when I look at those people I honestly have to question where they find the motivation for it.

I guess it depends on what their reason is for choosing to do it in the first place – I guess their motivation comes from either wanting to achieve something specific or to maintain something they’ve already achieved. Totally understand that. But none of my goals in life have ever involved needing to get fit so I’ve never needed to even think for one nano-second how I might find the motivation.

I spent 26 years involved in baton twirling and to be honest that kept me in as much shape as I needed. And even when I’d stopped competing I was coaching and that also kept me in shape. So because of always having something to keep me fairly fit, going to the gym or doing anything else to keep fit just never occurred to me. Plus coaching took up almost all of my spare time, so even if I had wanted to do something to keep fit I would have struggled to find any time to commit to it properly.

Nowadays I’m no longer involved in twirling, I’m no longer a coach and I have no involvement at all. And yet I still have no motivation or desire to do anything else to help keep me in shape or stay fit! Shame on me.

Since giving up twirling, I haven’t changed any of my habits. I don’t eat in any way healthily and by rights I should probably be much bigger than I am. I actually am really really very lucky and blessed that I have the ability to eat what I want and it doesn’t affect me at all, and because of that I don’t need to ever think about losing weight or toning up. I’m pretty happy with how I look. And I do give huge thanks for that every day! I’m sure there’ll be a day in the not too distant future where that will be different, so I will embrace it and continue to be grateful to my parents for gracing me with amazing genes!

The past couple of months though I have started to notice a bit of a difference. Now when I say ‘a bit’, I mean literally just that – minor changes, such as not having as strong muscles (I was never strong in the slightest, but you know what I mean!) and I’ve lost a bit of muscle tone as well. And it’s starting to bother me a little because it’s never been that way before.

So, what do I do about it, given the fact that I have no motivation for any type of exercise? Well the simple answer is, I need to find some motivation from somewhere! So, with a positive frame of my mind, here’s what I think:

  • The goal is to tone up again to the point where I feel totally happy with myself again.
  • The reason is because I’m conscious of losing the figure that I’ve had for the last 34 years – which in all fairness I’ve become quite fond of – so best do something about it now while it’s not a massive challenge for me, otherwise I’ll never do it and then I’ll be annoyed at myself.
  • The plan is that taking small steps is key. A few exercises at home either every morning/night or at least every other morning/night is the way forward. Try and make it part of my daily routine. And I just need to be tough on myself and push myself to do it and not be lazy.

So there’s a goal, a reason, and a plan. In my eyes that’s the starting point for achieving anything. I have no idea whether I can do it because I know how lazy I can be. But I must overcome that laziness. After all it’s only going to be a maximum of 30 minutes very morning/night and I’m not going to be attempting to lift 60kg weights or anything. Nothing to be scared of and it’s hardly going to take up a significant amount of my life.

And who knows, I might even enjoy it. Miracles have happened…….

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