2016 – my year in review

2016 is drawing to a close and in true social media style, it’s necessary to write a long speech about how the year has gone for you and what you’re going to do differently in the new year, blah blah blah…..

Well I am jumping on that band wagon slightly – I do actually enjoy looking back on the year that is ending, even when the year has been pretty rubbish. I think it’s a good idea to reminisce as there are either lessons to be learned, or you can remember the amazing times again. It’s all part of lifes little journey.

So, what can I say about 2016. It’s not been great has it.

From a global perspective you only need to look to at the news to know the crazy things that have happened this year – war, refugees, terrorism, destruction, the death of so many well known people, and of course a couple of major shocks in the political arena which is likely to change the world we live in over the next few years. The list is unfortunately endless. And so 2016 will be remembered across the world as probably one of the worst in living memory.

On a personal level, there will be many people who will have had an awesome year or perhaps had an ok year despite everything else going on in the world. Myself, well I’ve had a bit of a mixed year really. For the first time in years, looking back on the year that’s passed has brought a multitude of different feelings and memories. I’ve been very lucky that the previous few years were all genuinely very good years for me on the whole. But 2016 has been different.

The first few months of the year – up until the end of May actually – I was having a great year. I had a great trip to Prague to visit my Dad, a fab trip away in Dublin and then the most AMAZING holiday in Florida – in fact the holiday to Florida was the BEST Florida holiday I’ve ever had and I’ve been many many times before, but the 2016 trip was by far the best! And then it was my birthday at the end of May so all was going well.

And then came the news that my company was being sold. And so came all the stress of not knowing whether I might still have a job and major changes at work. It’s all worked out ok so far but all the changes and the uncertainty that went on for months was an unsettling time.

There were thankfully a couple more awesome trips to Prague to keep the positivity levels flowing, but apart from that there was not much else positive happening for me. Luckily nothing particularly dreadful happened to me either (thank goodness!) but it still all feels a bit rubbish.

It kind of feels like, for me at least, 2016 has been split in 2 – Part 1 was amazing and was reminiscent of the previous few years. Part 2 was pretty pants with not much to look forward to, a lot of change, confusion and uncertainty.

But, I’m still here. And I still have my amazing family around me and a handful of awesome friends. I sill have a job, I still have a roof over my head, I can still pay my bills and live quite comfortably. Some people don’t have that and so I will always remain genuinely grateful for everything that I am lucky enough to have, no matter how tough the year has been.

2016 overall won’t be remembered particularly fondly, but it wasn’t all bad. And who knows what the new year will bring.

Much love to you all!

And lots of wishes to all of you for an amazing 2017. Life is what you make it after all 🙂

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