I really love Christmas. Well usually anyway. But the older I’m getting the quicker it seems to creep up on me and before I know it, it feels like it’s over before it even properly started. There seems to be less and less time to properly enjoy it and get engrossed in the magic of it all.  Maybe it feels that way for me because I don’t have children and I don’t have a big family, who knows!

Christmas Eve is actually my second favourite night of the year after bonfire night. I love snuggling up at home, under the blanket with a nice cup of tea, watching TV. There’s always something on to watch! The past couple of years I’ve even actually quite enjoyed watching the midnight mass programmes and I’m not in any way religious!

I actually much prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because Christmas Eve is the final climax where there’s still a sense of anticipation and excitement of what’s to come. Once Christmas day arrives it all turns a bit boring I think and almost immediately thoughts turn to new year.

Spending time with family and loved ones over the Christmas period is what it’s all about for me, so if I do ever happen to have time off between Christmas and new year (like I do this year, woooo!) it’s nice to be able to relax, gather my thoughts and enjoy the break. So I will be making the most of it.

Amongst all the Christmas preparations, the present buying, the food buying, the decorating and everything else that goes with it, inevitably comes many Christmas parties! Unusually I only had 2 work related events this year, both of which were very enjoyable. One small one, a meal out with my team, and a big company bash.

Now I haven’t been ‘out out’ for a very long time (god I sound like a boring old woman!) so finding something to wear could have turned into a bit of a worry. Luckily, as I said in a previous blog post, I was lucky enough to have something that I could, and more importantly wanted, to wear. In fact the outfit I wore was bought specifically for such an event – not necessarily for a Christmas party, but for any occasion where proper ‘dressing up’ was required.

I did have initial reservations about my outfit as I was a little bit worried that it wouldn’t look as good as I wanted it to and then I’d feel uncomfortable in it. But I tried it on a couple of times and I ended up being really happy with it. It ended up being really comfortable to wear and so I felt comfortable in myself as well, which meant I could just let my hair down and have a bit of fun. In fact, probably for the first time ever, I didn’t think once about what other people might think of how I looked. I felt so comfortable and happy that other peoples opinion didn’t matter. Result!

So here’s a pic of my outfit – a smart black jumpsuit. Very simple. Dressed up with a beautiful rose gold necklace from Oasis which I love and must wear more often!


I’m not sure the picture conveys how happy and comfortable I felt in it. In fact the picture to me looks a bit like it had no shape or anything to it. Must have been the way I was standing for the photo! But I loved it. And the party was an absolute hoot!

So all that’s left for me to say is, to all those who read this post, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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