Winter styling -possible progress….

A few weeks ago I wrote about struggling with how to put outfits together for the cold wintery days that were ahead over the next few months. And we’ve already experienced both really chilly weather and slightly milder winter weather already this season.

Now I’ve definitely not become an expert by any means, and in fact there have been several times over the past few weeks where I’ve walked out the house feeling a little bit disappointed in what I’d chosen to wear that day. But there have been other days where I’ve felt pretty good. So maybe I’ve made a little bit of progress in dressing well during the winter months.

I’ve actually found it easier to put outfits together on the really chilly days than I have on the slightly warmer days. Weird. Perhaps it’s because I’ve got lots of cosy fluffy cardigans and jumpers which look and feel so good when it’s freezing outside and you just want to feel all cuddly! They are a bit warm for those stupid in between kind of days though. And that’s where I’ m struggling to put stuff together that I can genuinely say I feel good in.

If you’re in a similar situation to me then I’m afraid I currently have no tips to offer you! I’m still learning myself about how to put stuff together. Maybe by the end of winter, I’ll have it all nailed. Which by then it’ll be too late as we’ll be getting into the spring and I’ll have the same issues all over again!

I am making it sound a bit like I’ve never actually dressed myself in the winter before! I have, of course, but this year in particular I’ve been paying much more attention to how I dress and so this is the first winter where I can say I’ve actually put any serious thought into it. Like I said in a previous post, I’ve always been guilty of just chucking on a jumper with some jeans and the same pair of boots every day. Well those days are past!

So here are a few pics of some outfits I’ve worn over the past few weeks that I’ve actually liked and have felt good in.




These go back to early November some of them and as there are far more days passed since then that there are pictures I’ve taken, that just proves that there are more not so good days than there are good. I’m working on it! Perhaps I’ll also manage to come up with some useful tips over the next couple of weeks as well, in case you’re having winter style struggles like me!

And as we’re now coming up to Christmas we are now getting into Christmas party season. A whole other kettle of fish as far as dressing goes! I’m lucky this year, I’ve already got something to wear and I haven’t had to go out and look for anything. And actually, I can’t wait to wear it! Post on that to come once the party has been and gone! 🙂

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