Single girl – part 2!

So after I wrote my last post, I went on a shopping trip to start my Christmas shopping. And when I say start it, I mean try and get as much of it as possible done in one day!

I don’t have a lot of people to buy for at Christmas. I have a very small family, plus I’m a little bit scrooge and am just not the type to spend loads on presents. Which is why, being single at Christmas is actually a huge bonus!

Now that might sound a little bit callous. But is it? I mean really? How many people joke around saying they wish they were single at Christmas because it’s less expensive?? We’ve all said it! But for me, the reality is, having been single for so many Christmases now, I’ve probably saved myself a lot of money.

If you don’t think about the money side of it, then some would say that Christmas is the worst time of year to be single. And every now and then I think the same thing. Christmas is all very magical and spending time with the one you love can be the most special thing. So, on occasion, I do get a little bit sad at being on my own around this time of year as I feel I’m missing out on all those lovey dovey moments that can make Christmas that little bit more special.

But what’s the point in being sad about it? Can you really feel sad over something you haven’t got? In my eyes, the answer is no. Just because you’re not in a relationship at Christmas, that’s not a reason to feel sad and sorry for yourself. You make the most of what IS around you. You’ve got other relationships that make Christmas time equally as special.

People put so much emphasis on relationships around Christmas time. And rightly so in a way – it’s the time of year where we put all our focus on spending time with loved ones. That is of course what makes it such a special time of year for everyone. But whether you have a partner or husband/wife that form part of your loved ones is irrelevant really.

So what I guess I’m trying to say is that if you’re the type of person that gets really down about being single at Christmas, then perhaps just try and think in a different way about it. Think about the positive things that come from being single, don’t focus on the things that get you down. That’s what I do. Being in a relationship is not the be all and end all for me and it doesn’t need to be for you either.

I’m very much the type of person that tries to make the most of the current situation I’m in. So whether that means I’m single, whether it means I’m in a relationship, or whatever, I will always try to make the most of my life, be grateful for what I’ve got, and enjoy time with the people that are around me! My lifes motto really.

New Year however – well I’ve got several thoughts about New Year! But perhaps they’re better saved for another blog!

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