Winter styling struggles

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll have seen that I spent all of August and a bit of September detailing my daily style choices, in an effort to be more creative with what I wear and increase my own confidence. And, it worked. In fact I’ve carried on taking a picture of what I wear each day to keep the momentum going for myself.

Well I was carrying on with the daily picture thing, that is until 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Thing is, being creative and thoughtful during the summer months was much easier than it’s proving to be as we move into winter.

Already I feel like I’m falling into the same trap I normally do in winter of just wearing a jumper, jeans and a pair of boots. And I don’t want to do that.

You might say “what else can you wear in winter” and on first thought that seems a perfectly reasonable thought. But just because it’s winter and a bit cold, I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s no excuse for me to be lazy in what I’m wearing.

I actually have no idea where to start with styling myself for the winter if I’m honest. I’m always cold so I need to dress to keep warm. But keeping warm has, in the past, meant that I’ve sacrificed looking, and more importantly feeling, good for the sake of staying warm. But I’m certain there’s a way to combine being lovely and warm with looking and feeling great. I just need to find it!

I have lots of beautiful clothes. I’m very lucky in that respect. So over the next few weeks I’m going to start to try and work out what I can team together to achieve the need for me to be warm and feel great in what I wear.

It doesn’t help that I work in an office where the temperature can change from one day to the next and you just never know how hot or cold it’s going to be. So weekdays are going to be a challenge!

So I’m thinking layering is the way forward. The key thing being to make sure each layer looks good with the other layers – sounds silly to say that, but I have been guilty of just chucking stuff on in the past just to keep warm and not having the slightest thought for whether I looked or felt good!

Sounds like such a simple task in a way, but I’m not sure it’s going to be that straight forward. I learnt during the summer that putting a little thought into what you wear can make you feel so confident, so I need to carry that through to winter as well and do my best to make myself feel great by dressing great in the cold, dark, miserable months. Maybe it’ll help me to cheer myself up as well. We all need a bit of cheering up in the winter months after all!






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