Reunited with the living world!

I’m finally back in a world where having a decent home internet connection is normal. And normal has never felt so good! For months now I’ve had a terrible internet connection at home, and I got by mostly by just using my phone. All well and good until you need to do something which isn’t all that easy on a small little handset.

It started going slow a few months ago and then deteriorated fairly quickly to the point where my laptop was useless and even my phone was going slow. Cue a change in internet provider.

Anyway, the past couple of weeks has got me thinking about how weird it felt to be sort of ‘cut-off’ from the world. Obviously I wasn’t completely cut-off, I could still use the internet albeit very slowly! The fact that I couldn’t access things particularly quickly I found really frustrating.

We live in a world these days where  doing something online and quickly is the norm – accessing social media, getting the most up to date news, finding the most ridiculous bit of information that isn’t in anyway important but you want to know the answer just because you can find out in 5 seconds using Google – you know, those kind of things. And the fact that in the last couple of weeks in particular, it wasn’t quite the norm made me feel a bit uncomfortable!

What on earth would we do these days without the internet??

The internet has of course brought so many good things to this world and improved the way we live, the way we do certain things. But inevitably with the good comes the bad. 24 hour access at your fingertips to everything is both a blessing and a curse. And now that we are used to living in that world, when you don’t have access to it, you feel like you’re being left out or missing something.

I’m lucky enough to remember life when having a home internet connection was the stuff of dreams and having a mobile phone was only for business types. And in some ways you could say those days were better. You actually had to talk to people in the same room as you because it wasn’t possible to Facebook or tweet them. Imagine that!?!

So having been out of the internet loop for a bit, it’s just made me realise how much we rely on it nowadays – which is a stupid realisation really because people have been saying that for years. But I was always of the opinion that whilst I did use the internet a lot and I used social media quite a bit, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for me if I didn’t have access to it all day every day. I could cope with going without it for a few days. Boy was I wrong!

Maybe I ought to try and make more of an effort to do things that don’t involve being online, just in case there’s ever a point in the future where my internet access is temporarily unavailable again and I have a meltdown…….


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