An August fashion experiment – Week 1

My last blog post was all about dressing comfortably for yourself – if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing then that breeds confidence. I’m a firm believer in that. You don’t need to wear clothes that are deemed ‘fashionable’ to look good.

Well after I wrote it, I started thinking that it would be a good idea, if, for one whole month, I could take a picture of what I wear each day. And why did I think this was a good idea? Well, I figured that it would keep me thinking about my outfit choices each day and keep me focussed on looking and feeling great. It would also stop me being lazy with my outfit choices whilst also encouraging me to try and put different outfits together using all the clothes that I own, not just a handful!

Now, I have A LOT of clothes. And when I was younger I was very guilty of wearing the same stuff over and over again and leaving stuff in the wardrobe or drawers for ages and wearing them only once in a while, if at all. The older I’m getting and the more confident I’m becoming, the more time I’m taking over my outfits and the clothes that I buy, all of which is contributing to my overall feeling of having confidence in how I look.

I’m very lucky that I own lots of really beautiful clothes – and they are beautiful because they suit me, not because they are expensive or high end labels. Most of my clothes are actually very basic. I very much favour basic items that I can put together with other basic items and they look nice.

So I’m pleased to say that after the first week, I’m fulfilling my objective of focussing on what I wear each day, without it taking over my life or being my sole priority! It only takes me a few minutes each morning or evening to decide what I’m going to wear which is great, and every day I’ve gone out feeling happy and confident in what I’m wearing.

So here’s what I wore every day for the first week in August:


Now I know I’m not overly ‘fashionable’ and I probably dress quite young for my age, but I’m happy in what I wear and I feel like I look good and that makes me confident.

Spending a few minutes each day putting together an outfit is really quite fun!

I’m also really lucky that my office has a casual dress policy so I have the freedom and luxury to wear what I like every day. Also, as it’s summer (if you can call it that, I live  UK after all!) it’s easier to put together nice stuff without having to think about how to stay warm. When the winter comes, it’ll be a different challenge trying to wear something different every day! Maybe I’ll do the same thing during the darkest winter months, take a picture of my outfit every day!

Until next week though, keep looking awesome!


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