This week I experienced my first ever visit to Wimbledon. And I have to say, it was AWESOME! It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Sitting on Henman Hill (or Murray Mound as it’s called these days), drinking prosecco, having a picnic, watching the tennis on the big screen, walking around the grounds and soaking up the atmosphere – all of it was perfect!

So what did I learn on my visit to Wimbledon? Other than learning that it is utterly amazing, I also learnt that:

1.) You should definitely wear suncream

2.) I have no idea who most tennis players are. Or their coaches. Or anyone else involved in tennis.

I felt terrible every time my friend said to me “that’s this person or that person” and all I could reply with is “oh is it” or, on most occasions “who? I don’t know who that is”. I’m surprised I didn’t get slapped from being really annoying and having a serious lack of tennis knowledge.

And I got a little bit sunburnt. My own fault for not thinking to take any sort of suncream with me. I mean seriously, who forgets suncream on a beautifully sunny day. Well evidently, I do. Which is even more dumb when I’m fully aware I burn very easily! But never mind, three days later my face and arm were both back to a normal colour.

Tennis is the only sport where I honestly feel like I understand everything – the scoring, the umpiring decisions, when a player is playing well or not. And although I don’t really follow tennis, I always really really enjoy Wimbledon and I try and watch as much of it on TV as I can. I’ve always wanted to go though and never had the chance before, so as you can imagine I was so excited to be able to go this year!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Wimbledon. And I am hooked. I’ll definitely be doing whatever I can to go again next year. I’ll even attempt to brush up on my tennis knowledge so that I’m not that disappointing friend who hasn’t got a clue who anyone is!

Here’s a little snap of me as we were leaving, demonstrating my joy at having enjoyed the day so much:

Wimbledon 2016

Definitely a memorable day. Loved every second of it!


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