Living the dream – literally?!?!

In the words of the great Walt Disney, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”. I love this saying and the sentiment, in fact I love it so much I’ve even got the Pandora charm that says it! But in the case of my dreams, if they were wishes my heart makes, in literal terms I would be wishing to live in a completely surreal and incomprehensible world!

Dreams are absolutely wonderful things. I remember a lot of my dreams a lot of the time and ever since I was in my teens, I’ve enjoyed trying to interpret what they mean. It’s not always possible to interpret them as sometimes they are so weird I cant even pick out one particular object or theme, so trying to figure out what the hell my brain is doing is nigh on impossible!

But the times where I can remember either the theme of the dream, or some particular objects, or even the whole dream and the conversations I’ve had in them, I always try to interpret what my dream actually means and almost always I can relate it to something that’s going on in my life.

I’ve never really delved into the reasons why we dream as I’m not particularly scientific like that. But from the limited stuff I have read, it seems like dreaming is our brains way of unloading everything that we’ve got playing on our minds, even when we don’t necessarily know it’s actually been playing on our mind. Or perhaps our brain is trying to make sense of everything going on in our minds.

Often our dreams can relate to things that happened earlier that day or within the past few days, or we perhaps replay scenarios that have taken place. It’s just that our brain tends to replay them in some strange format that is nothing like reality!

I like to think myself lucky that I can actually remember my dreams. Not every one can and some never ever remember them at all. My dreams are often so vivid that it would be difficult not to remember them! I always dream in colour (apparently that makes me extra creative?!?!) and I always seem to have some degree of control over them. If I’m dreaming about something that I don’t like, or I can see something coming in it that my conscious self wouldn’t like, I always manage to talk to myself and tell myself to wake up. Amazing really, if albeit a little bit odd!

Dreams do actually have a way of helping to get your waking life thoughts in order though. Or they do for me. As I attempt to interpret the ones I can remember, I can almost always relate what the interpretation is telling me my dream was about, to something that’s been on my mind (good or bad) in recent days. In most cases it’s just a case of ‘oh right ok’ or ‘oh yeah that makes sense’ but on the odd occasion it is genuinely a bit of an eyeopener. And that can only be a good thing!

In the past 10 days or so I’ve had dreams about tennis, shoes, pancakes, waffles, the earth, and being a wizard/magical things. They all mean something different when I look them up but I can actually relate them to my feelings or thoughts over the previous days/weeks. It completely fascinates me!

I genuinely hope that I never stop dreaming and my dreams continue to be as bizarre and wonderful as they are now!




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