That crazy little thing called celebrity….

Over the past couple of days, no one can have failed to notice a certain ‘showbiz’ story that’s made the headlines – that’s right, #HiddleSwift or whatever crazy thing it’s been branded is literally everywhere. I’ve never really been one for following celebrity romances, or showmances, or whatever they happen to be. This one interested me however, because I personally find it all a little bit random. I have no idea why I think that, it was just my first reaction to think…hmm, really?! Ok.

My interest in this story has developed over the past couple of days, not so much because of the actual story, but because of the hundreds of thousands of comments that have been made about it. And it got me thinking about how utterly different peoples perceptions are of the same story. But not just that story. Every story about a ‘celebrity’ regardless of whether they’re a so-called A-lister or not, comes with a series of comments from people from all walks of life having their say, either about the person(s) involved or the subject matter.

But why are we so interested in the crazy circus of showbiz and the people in it? And why do we perceive some things so differently?

We are all human beings, all made from the same stuff. But I guess, just like every other species, there is a level of hierarchy. There are those that have status and those that are just every day people. It’s sort of the way the world works really. We have to remember that those who achieve some level of fame, have actually been put there by us every day people – usually because they’re talented individuals with a knack for excellent song writing, acting, sport or whatever. But then the minute they become famous, we want to know everything about them and we instantly form an opinion of them from what we read about.

Celebrity and fame have become, over time, something to be revered in a way and for some people, something to aspire to. But when you have it, it seems to also be something that’s become very controlled. Especially when you become so mega famous that everyone wants a bit of you. People are there to ensure you don’t do or say something stupid, or to maintain the image that you’ve created for yourself.

But with the admiration comes the jealousy, the hate, the envy of others. And there’ll always be someone either trying to bring you down for good, or just being a bit bitter and writing unnecessary and/or incorrect information just to sell a story.

On the flip side of course there are always those who are there to create and maintain an image for you, or to sell a story on about you. And if you’re the sort of person that can handle that, they fair play to you. It’s definitely not something I would be able to handle very easily at all! I’m happy being an average 34 year old girl with zero remarkable qualities thank you very much.

Everyone has their own perception of celebrities – what sort of person they are, why they do things certain things, how they look, and so on. Often that perception is based on what we think we know about them. One person will think someone is adorable and butter couldn’t melt, while others think they’re a calculating scheming scumbag. And how have we formed that opinion of them in the first place? Well usually we make up our own idea of them by how they come across in interviews, what they say their likes and dislikes are and so on. And the key thing here is that we THINK we know them based on all of that or we THINK we know what sort of person they are. But in reality we never really know at all.

For example – one photo of a celebrity can invite a whole range of comments from a whole range of people with a whole range of opinions. In reality, that photo is capturing just one second of someones day. Or a series of photos are capturing maybe 5 minutes of someones day. But there’ll be some people saying “he looks really sad” and others saying “he looks really happy” but about the same photo?! And then they’ll relate what they think about the photo to something that might be going on in that celebrities life, but based on what perception they have about that celebrity. It’s all a bit weird really. But I guess in a way we do the same in our own everyday lives with people we know or people in our own social circles.

But like I’ve said above, it’s always just complete speculation for us mere mortals where celebrity ‘gossip’ is concerned. We never really know a person until we actually know them and celebrities lives are so controlled and manufactured (whether or not you think it’s right is another story), how can we ever really know the real person behind the celebrity façade.

That’s why I always try to see every side of a story before making a judgement on someone or a situation, or try to see every reason why someone might choose to act in  certain way. That’s why with this whole #HiddleSwift thing, I have formed an opinion about the situation, but that opinion is only based on what I think I know about the two of them. And what I think I know is based on stuff I’ve been ‘fed’ from having read or seen interviews they’ve done or stories I’ve read. I really have no idea what the truth is. Who does?? Well apart from them of course!

We live in a world where freedom of speech is celebrated and rightly so. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, regardless of whether another person agrees with that opinion or not. Sometimes though, I think we need to better inform ourselves about a situation before making assumptions about a person or a situation.

And the showbiz world never fails to provide something that EVERYONE has an opinion on! But let’s be honest, the world would be fairly boring if we didn’t have celebrities and their PR people, manoeuvring our perceptions like puppets on a string. What would we talk about otherwise?!



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