Fly, fly, fly away!

As I was sat watching Britains Busiest Airport last night, I was struck by how complex the logistics of running an airport must be – particularly one the size of Heathrow. And I was completely fascinated by the whole thing. Quite sad, I know. But sometimes the most surprising things interest you!

I’ve flown from Heathrow many times and have never really appreciated all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make your journey run as smoothly as possible. I’ve no doubt the same applies at every other airport across the world, so if you work at an airport, all credit to you!

There have been many times that I’ve wondered what it would be like to work at an airport. My first thought has always been that it must be pretty cool, seeing all the passengers jetting off to exotic places (and some less exotic places), seeing all their excited faces, wondering where they are going and for what reason. On the other hand, I also think I might end up getting a bit jealous of seeing all those people jet off to all the places that one day I hope to visit myself. You’re stuck there at the airport working and all those lucky people are getting on a plane to somewhere amazing! So perhaps working at an airport is not all it’s cracked up to be!

I do always love going to the airport though. It marks the start of an adventure that you’re just about to embark on and the start of an experience that you’ve (usually) been looking forward to for so long. Even when I’ve had to fly places for work, I’ve always really loved the experience of going to the airport, even knowing that that particular journey is not taking me somewhere for pleasure!

There are two major things that I enjoy most about going to the airport. The first is actually a little bit sad, but stick with me – it’s looking at the departure signs! Seeing all the places that you can fly to and the endless possibilities for adventures, inspires me start planning my next trip once I’ve finished the one I’m just starting! There’s a line in a Jimmy Buffett song (American country singer dude) that goes “reading departure signs in some big airport, reminds me of the places I’ve been”. And it’s so true! They do remind me of places I’ve been, but they also show me all the places I can still go, and I love that.

The second thing I love about going to the airport is people watching. I’m a people watcher anyway, but airports fascinate me. I love watching everyone wander round the airport, on their phones, shopping, reading, or whatever else they’re doing and just trying to figure out why they’re at the airport. I love listening to all the different languages that get spoken and trying to figure out where they’re from and where they might be going. It helps to pass the time when you’ve got to wait a couple of hours for your flight!

I do often wonder how many other people do the same thing as me. I wonder what they might be thinking about me and why I’m at the airport that day – something else that fascinates me!

So if you’re visiting an airport soon, wherever you’re off to, happy travels!



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